flatpack table

The Stand Table from designer Jakob Timpe fits together snugly without any glue or hardware, relying instead on the interaction of its own pieces to keep it together.

roll up legs stand table

The table comes unassembled in a fabric case reminiscent of a compact paintbrush case. Eight bars of wood make up the table’s base: four for the legs and an additional four to support the tabletop. All together, the set weighs just 7.5 kg or about 16.5 pounds.

slot together wooden table

All of the pieces fit together via a series of slots. The tabletop-supporting bars fit through slots in the legs. When the bars are all assembled, the structure stands up on its own. But it doesn’t become complete until a top is added.

customizable stand table

When the flat surface sits on the leg structure, its weight holds the entire table together. It can then be used as a dining table, a working table, a conference table or whatever else your needs may dictate.

flat pack stand table

The Stand Table can be customized to fit individual tastes. The legs come in locally-sourced ash wood or in a white finish. A tabletop is not included in the basic kit, but the designer has made available a particle board and melamine surface.

stand table

The entire table can be disassembled in a matter of seconds by simply taking the pieces apart and tucking them away. The legs take up very little space and the tabletop can be set flat against the wall until the surface is needed again. The Stand Table is available through Berlin design company Vondingen.