Some of us prefer to keep our photos in albums or pictures on our computers, but for people who need a bit more color in their lives (and/or bathrooms) there are some very life-like landscapes tiles created to replace some of your conventional ceramic or glass tile pieces

While they are mainly intended for bathroom floors and walls, these vibrant tile designs can also be applied to living rooms, kitchens (even bedrooms) and other areas of the house – the before-and-after image set above illustrates one way of integrating them with surrounding red-and-white wall-and-furniture color schemes. Whether tile will seem warm – even with the brightest of images – in a more common area of the house is perhaps somewhat questionable, though.

According to the tile designers of Okhyo, each photo is unique and used in only one interior. Nonetheless, the best way to ensure that one-of-a-kind creation – and personalize the work at the same time – is of course to use your own photograph or illustrated image as the basis for your tile pattern. Perhaps something a little more original than a typical nature view or environmental vista?

Want to take it a bit further? You can create your own sunset, beach scene or other soothing naturalistic decor right behind your bath tub. It might be a bit kitsch, but it beats paying to buy that panoramic window view in real life or staring at a blank white tile wall, right? Well, maybe.