photo covered furniture

Sometimes it is nice to see a familiar face in a crowd – but that does not mean you want to invite someone you know from times past to dinner in the present. These simply-shaped living and dining room furniture objects are not as conventional as they may appear from a distance – close up, they constitute strange daily reminders of high school plastered from top to bottom with faux-vintage images.

photo furniture designs

These black-and-white works of craft (you may be relieved to learn) by Joseph Heidecker do not, in fact, show your actual classmates – merely a montage of random faces of the size, scale and type we are familiar with from that infamous dust-covered volume still sitting on our shelves. Nonetheless, there is something both fascinating but also disconcerting about sitting in front of (not to mention: on) a series of faces be they strange or familiar – and at the heart of this art: there is always that chance glance in which you will see someone you think you know or are sure you recognize, a flicker of pattern recognition for a moment before it is gone.