Jacopo Pezzan is a man with a lot of pizzazz. He has set up his Pezzan USA revolutionary home furnishing concept in High Point, North Carolina — a city dubbed the Furniture Capital of the World. According to Pezzan, his eponymous USA furniture range was inspired by the lack of space in many of today’s dwellings — the space-conscious home living of the American loft and apartment.

Designed and constructed in Italy, the key to Pezzan couches is the attention to detail and selection of quality materials. They’re also big on design, built to better utilize smaller spaces. In the future, the company will offer more products with space-saving solutions. For now, it’s all about the couch, and this time, there’s a sofa with a secret: it’s also a bed.

Combining good looks with handmade quality and affordable prices, Pezzan sofa beds just look like stylish couches. Their opening mechanism is compact and discreet — and crucially, all the cushions in the seat and the back remain intact when they’re opened with just one movement. They simply tuck beneath the full size bed. Neat. So, if space is at a premium, you don’t need to find somewhere to stack your sofa cushions when you use the bed. It’s quick; it’s easy; it’s light to use.
Breeze Pezzan space-saving furniture

The Breeze

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So, what’s the inspiration behind Pezzan’s space-saving line?
“The fact that we are living in smaller and smaller spaces but at the same time we want to be surrounded by beautiful/comfortable products. This has been a trend in Europe for over 50 years and now it is a reality even here in the US,” Pezzan said. “The cost of the real estate is pretty high and we need to realize that we cannot afford living in huge houses anymore. That said it does not mean that we can’t have an amazing place where the space is used wisely and our furniture is not only good looking but also ‘smart.'”
mistral sofa bed Pezzan space-saving furniture

The Mistral

Partnering with local manufacturers who come from a long tradition of Italian furniture making, Pezzan USA ensures an element of great design and even better workmanship. The style of the couches is inspired by different eras and areas of furniture design:
“For example, when we designed the Mistral, we looked at the early 1900 Parisian rooms,” said Pezzan. “Then we decided to upholster it with a new eco leather (vinyl) called Burbujas that has been introduced for the first time at the Como fabric show last May. This fabric reminds us of the old Borbonese bags, the type of luggage you would have seen in the Titanic for example.”
One of their best selling ranges, Mistral has a vintage look and feel and It comes in five colorways.
Iris Pezzan space-saving furniture

The Iris

Introduced in 2016, the Iris range has a mid-20th century modern design with clean lines and a pared-down silhouette. Most Pezzan couch fabrics are anti-mite and anti-allergy.
Diablo Pezzan space-saving furniture

The Diablo

maestro Pezzan space-saving furniture

The Maestro

Firenze Pezzan space-saving furniture

The Firenze

Jacopo Pezzan moved to the US from Padua, near Venice, a decade ago. With a degree in business from Venice and a background working in the Italian furniture and fashion industries, he decided to bring his business savvy and space-saving furniture ideas to the States. The sofas are made in Puglia, Southern Italy, and some are available for Quick Ship from High Point, North Carolina.