Architect Peter Marino has a pretty enviable job. He designs some of the most luxurious stores for fashion brands like Gucci and Dior around the world. His projects include Chanel in Beverly Hills and Hong Kong, Dior in Paris, and Bulgari in Rome–all are over-the-top luxurious and absolute eye candy.


The flamboyant artist himself is as iconic as the elegant flagship boutiques he dreams up. Always dressed head to toe in black leather or rubber –along with police caps, skulls and crosses — he famously studied with George Nelson and IM Pei and was mentored by Andy Warhol early on, who had him renovate his Upper East Side townhouse and paid him in paintings.


The award-winning former factory kid founded Peter Marino Architect PLLC in NYC in 1978 and hugely influenced the design of luxe retail spaces with his focus on grand facades, light and texture. Among his recent projects, Dior on Rodeo Drive merges European glamour with modern luxury featuring polished marble, etched glass and incredible commissioned art work. It’s a fairy tale of chic.



Same with Bulgari in Rome, which Marino gave a fresh face for the brand’s 130th anniversary, unveiling features previous hidden while creating a “aesthetically pleasing ensemble.” Our favorite element is the geometric bronze and marble staircase.



Dior SoHo looks positively futuristic in comparison, a style Architectural Digest loosely described as avant-garde meets Pierre Cardin meets Pop Art. We love the eye-catching Mylar sculpture-filled windows. Marino said this space “is a new and edgy reinterpretation of the House’s traditional motifs. It has been specially conceived for SoHo.”



Now we feel like shopping.