Cat house indoor planter

Just as the simply-pitched A-frame house has evolved in eco-friendly ways (often with more unique roof styles), so too are houses for dogs, cats and birds, with some getting greener roofs along the way.

Cat house modern indoor planter

Aside from catchy contemporary curves and non-symmetrical shapes, these multi-functional pet dwelling-and-planter combinations are a nice space-saving way to grow plants inside while housing a petite best friend or two. Who doesn’t want a cute dual duty accessory that gives either pets or wildlife a green-roofed home?

Combination planter bird house

Jardin Chic specializes in the slightly-strange and eye-catching when it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture designs. Still, this series of conceptual and real explorations into animal habitats might be their most clever work to date – now if they could only start to accommodate larger dogs, multiple levels and/or multi-pet housing, who knows how far the series could go.

Cute hanging bird houses and planters

Made of recycled plastic, these modern planters are recyclable, too. And while a lot of cat and dog houses are less than attractive, these spruce them up with living greenery without detracting from their functionality. The plants, soil and water probably add a nice thermal cooling element to the houses as well.

The planter bird house combo is especially clever, whether you place it in your window or hang it from a branch outside. One almost wonders why more bird houses aren’t designed this way. You could even plant bird-friendly things like coneflowers, sunflowers, milkweed, honeysuckle and other garden plants recommended for our feathered friends by the Audubon Society.

If you’re loving the look of these modern pet houses, but endowed with a black thumb rather than a green one, check out other options like modern dog houses with functional green roofs (that just grow grass), sculptural cat cocoons and other cool cat houses, perches, litter box cabinets and scratching posts by Tuft & Paw.