bug lights
Although they give some people the heebie-jeebies, insects are pretty cool to look at. But if you just can’t stand the real thing, the Bug Lights collection from Inbar is a cute substitute. The series consists of three bug-like lamps: an ant, a praying mantis, and a spider.
mini ant bug light
The minimalist lamps are made from simple industrial parts that mimic the elegance of the insect form. They are nothing more than a socket, some metal legs and their fastener, and a cord.
spider bug light
Each lamp comes with a light bulb which fits the characteristics of the individual “bug,” but these can easily be switched out to give the lamps entirely new personalities.
bug light breathing holes box
The cute insectoid lamps are even shipped in cardboard boxes with air holes to further the illusion that these sweet little guys are real live pets.
praying mantis bug light
Unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., the lamps are only equipped with European power plugs. It would definitely be easy enough to switch out the socket, though, if you live elsewhere in the world and need to have one of the critters for your own.