redesigned ice cream scoop

Ever since the invention of the home freezer, humankind has been looking for a better way to scoop rock-solid ice cream. We don’t have the patience to let it sit out on the counter for a few minutes – we want it now! Engineer┬áMichael Chou is answering the anguished cries of the ice cream deprived with the Midnight Scoop.

ergonomically designed ice cream scoop

The Midnight Scoop was designed with a simple principle in mind: it’s always easier and less taxing on the body to push an object (like an ice cream scoop) forward with a straight wrist than it is to pull it toward you or push it sideways.

midnight scoop ice cream scooper

The redesigned scoop ignores the weak muscles in your wrist and instead uses the palm to “push” through the hard ice cream. This engages larger muscles in your arm and chest, all but eliminating the strain on your wrist and helping you scoop ice cream faster and more efficiently.

The Midnight Scoop – so called because of the long nights Chou spent “obsessing” over the scooping dilemma – is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Kickstarter campaign for the scoop far surpassed its funding goal, with early supporters getting their scoops for $35. The Midnight Scoop will be available for purchase after its first production run for $50, which may sound like a lot for an ice cream scoop, but once you see it survive being run over in the above video, the price seems more reasonable.