When planning the perfect interior, having solid structural bones is a great start…but it only gets you so far. After that, you’ve got to use your own instincts, tastes and budget to create something spectacular.

Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander created this exceptional interior by renovating a 1970s townhouse (featuring a spiral staircase to die for) and making it truly wonderful.

One of the most important elements at play here is the use of textures. The layering of a diverse range of textures and colors adds not only visual interest, but tactile interest as well.

The place looks almost as though it was meant to be photographed. But unlike some other picture-perfect homes, it looks equally comfortable and entirely livable.

The stark white is broken up with unexpected and playful pops of bright color, while the rustic wood textures are perfectly offset with lush velvets, smooth linens and patterned metal lattices.

Ample natural light from the huge window at one end of the loft certainly helps to keep the home looking comfortable and airy. But when the sun goes down, there is an almost dizzying array of lighting fixtures to make the space glow.

Somehow, even the storage area manages to look wonderfully interesting – as though it’s just inviting you to come and run your hand along all of the treasures lovingly stashed on the shelves.

Nylander’s incredible creation just goes to show that designing around a central theme is not a necessity.

Grouping similar objects together has its place in design – but an eclectic mash-up of modern, vintage, rustic, sleek, ethnic and whatever else you happen to love can be just as lovely and even more visually striking.