Lago Fluttua floating round bed

A circular bed actually sounds rather convenient for those of us who do not always sleep right-side-up anyway … though it might be tricky to find round bedding to match this clever contemporary design.

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lago fluttua round bed

In addition its cool round shape, the luxury Fluttua round bed by Lago seems to hover without supports – seemingly suspended on invisible threads from above (though in reality supported by a hidden base below). Under-bed lighting is added to the already omni-directional shape and flush-tucked sheets to reinforce and enhance the visual effect of floating.

The nearly-perfect circle is interrupted only for a small flat area for a curved headboard or triangular corner piece depending on the location and orientation of the bed. And for those less inclined to seek out round linens, Lago also has a selection of square and rectangular (semi-)floating beds.

The perfection of the circle creates a bed with a simple but impressive design. Suspended on a single height-adjustable leg, Fluttua is an essential bed that gives shape to the lightness of dreams in the bedroom. The circular mattress combined with the bed structure makes the top disappear completely: everything seems to float in the air, bringing a surprise effect and giving a touch of originality to the bedroom.”

Lago air bed
Lago air bed from side

Seen above, the more conventionally shaped Air Bed “is floating and ethereal: thanks to the absolute transparency of the extra-clear tempered glass support, the bed seems to levitate and is like sleeping on a cloud. The bed base is suspended on four almost invisible crystal legs that give a great feeling of lightness. In all its versions, double, single or single and a half, the Air bed is an elegant and refined bed that fits perfectly into any type of interior.”

“The Air bed, taking up the concept of the Air Sofa, is highly transformable: elements such as backrests, shelves or drawers can be hooked to the frame at any point, as well as the shelf / bookcase that can run along the entire perimeter of the bed.”

Lago Coletto bed

Though not a floating design, the Coletto bed is magical in its own right, cozy as can be with its built-in wrap: “In the Colletto bed you sleep enclosed in a soft visual and sound barrier. A soft foam ring around the mattress creates a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to escape from the daily routine. The ring is attached to the bed frame by means of a velcro hook and is also removable. It is also possible to choose between several versions: the Colletto single, double or single bed and a half.”