Pencil Holder Desk Lamp

Got a bright idea? Then it might be time to flip open your lamp and grab a pencil or pen, both of which actions dovetail nicely in this wooden desktop light design.

Pencil Light by Caroline Olsson

The Pencil Light by Caroline Olsson (images by Kaja Bruskeland) is quintessentially Norwegian: simple, clever, multi-functional and, well, being made of wood never hurts either. The components are clean and well-chosen, and the lamp does what it’s supposed to do and more without unnecessary frills and other details.

An uncomplicated metal mechanism allow for easy opening and swiveling so you can point the light with precision. It seems only slightly awkward that the wire protrudes from the top when the box is closed, but perhaps it is a bit like a string on top of a present, encouraging you to tug it open (proverbially, not practically).

Simple and beautiful wooden lamp

Modern multipurpose desk lamp

This minimalist modern table lamp does dual duty as desktop decor, and it’s made of birch, aluminum, steel, copper and brass with an LED bulb. It’s extremely compact in size, so it’ll fit on even the smallest of desks, and it’s stylish enough for the modern office. The prototypes show off how the various types of metal contrast against the pale surfaces of the wood. But perhaps the best part is the fact that the whole thing closes up when you’re done using it, making it look a bit mysterious as it sits on your desk with the cord poking out of the top.

“The Pencil Light is both a lamp and a container, wanting to accentuate your stationery, and has the desire to encourage you to write and draw more analog. The screw mechanism is made using an old technique in metal turning that creates a pattern into the metal. This makes it easy to grip and tighten the lamp in the preferred position.”