Light=weight is a unique lamp that allows you to change the brightness in the room simply by adding or removing weight. Designed by Junji Kawabe, the light=weight lamp does away with the switches and the chains and lets users determine the amount of brightness in a whole new way.

The illumination in the room is controlled entirely by gravity – or, more accurately, gravity’s effect on various objects. Place a lightweight object on the scale’s tray and the lamp will give off a soft glow.

Place heavier objects on the tray and the room will be flooded with a far brighter light. In this way, it is possible to control the exact amount of light in the room right down to the last ounce.

According to the designer, the lamp is meant to illustrate that every action has a consequence. Even though light is weightless, the act of getting that light into your home carries a weight of its own – from the resources used for electricity creation down to the by-products released by this act.