Decorative wall switches

When decorating or re-decorating a home, how many of us think of the truly overlooked interior elements? Light switches and outlets might be some of the most aesthetically neglected items in any interior, which is weird when you consider that they’re so ubiquitous – there are multiples of them in every single room. While some people opt for decorative plates, most just keep whatever cheap option the builders chose. Could these small details be a missed opportunity to add a little more personal style to each of your interior spaces? What if you nixed the rectangular format altogether and went for something totally new?

Elo switches by Realitem

Elo switches, designed by Frédéric Bugnot and distributed by French company Realitem, are gorgeous modern wall switches and outlet covers that are unique enough to make any room shine. The ultra-stylish fixtures come in a variety of finishes, but each is smooth, round and unlike any other wall switches we’ve ever seen. It’s easy to imagine the ones that look like stones or the ones set in wood complementing a modern house with organic details, while the acrylic ones would fit right into most contemporary interiors.

“The Elo range of switches brings together traditional materials and contemporary design. This makes an object more human. It fits in, it finds its place, you can feel it, it stands out, you are aware that it is there, it becomes part of your life. Its very rounded shape brings out the nature of the materials used.”

Switches in wood and stone

The gorgeous Elo hardware is also available as (European) sockets, two-way switches and push buttons so you can update virtually every ugly plastic plate in the house. All of them are infinitely more stylish and eye-catching than those boring white rectangles found in almost every structure today. The Realitem Elo decorative wall switches are available at the company’s website for €45-€55 (about $51-$62) in the color and material ranges pictured here.

Admittedly, they’re not for everyone (or at least every decor style.) If you were remodeling your house, would you choose something totally outside the box like these, or go for a more classic or subtle look?