A few standout pieces from PB Teen's new line of Harry Potter decor.

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PB Teen has the best selection of Harry Potter home decor you’ll find anywhere, and they just dropped some new additions you don’t want to miss. This year’s collection brings the magic of the Wizarding World to your home in the form of some surprisingly sophisticated items, including a range of seasonal decor that’ll make your space feel like Christmas at Hogwarts. Categories include Yule Ball Delights, Deck the Halls, Wizarding Wonderland, Magical Plants & Potions, and more, including all the heraldry you can handle from each of the Hogwarts houses. Here are some of our favorites, but be sure to check out the lookbook for plenty more!

Seasonal Wizarding Wonders

Festive holiday decor from PB Teen's new Harry Potter decor collection.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Tree Topper

This Sorting Hat Topper is the perfect way to top off your holiday tree for $69. You might just be tempted to take it down every time a guest comes over to discover which house they belong to.

Seasonal Tree Garland

Cast a spell on your holiday decor with a fun Harry Potter tree garland spelling out words like “accio” and “lumos.” It comes in brilliant scarlet with golden embroidery for $49.50.

Dark Arts Ornament Set

This set of three Harry Potter holiday ornaments includes Nagini, the Deathly Hallows, and the Dark Mark in various metallic tones for $49.

Marauder’s Map Heat-Sensitive Mug

This magical mug reveals a secret message when you pour a hot beverage inside: “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” Made of durable stoneware with a real gold rim, it’s $24.50.

Spooky Delights for the Witching Hour

Spooky black and white pieces from PB Teen's new Harry Potter decor collection.

Castle Light-Up Blackout Drapes

Whether you want to sleep tight or sleep bright, these magical Harry Potter drapes can either black out the sun or illuminate with a Hogwarts Castle print using built-in LED lights. Prices start at $213.

Dark Mark Glow-in-the-Dark Pillow Cover

When the lights go out, the Dark Mark appears on this black velvet pillow made of cotton canvas, $59.50.

Brass Nagini Wall Hook

Lord Voldemort’s snake and loyal servant Nagini makes a gilded statement on the wall with four hooks, $199.

Deathly Hallows Bookmark Table Lamp

This frosted Harry Potter table lamp in the shape of the Deathly Hallows featuring the Invisibility Cloak, Stone of Resurrection, and Elder Wand, $199.

The Magical Atmosphere of Hogwarts

Sculptural brass Nagini hook feature in PB Teen's new Harry Potter decor collection.

Hogwarts Castle Night Sky Projector

Take in the night sky over Hogwarts after dark with this golden castle projector made of resin, which casts an enchanting glow onto the ceiling and walls, $16).

Hedwig Beaded Velvet Jewelry Box

Hide away all your most precious treasures in this luxe velvet jewelry box embroidered with an image of Hedwig, Harry’s owl. Get it for $69.

Herbology Wallpaper

This awesome herbology-inspired wallpaper is printed with mandrakes and other wizarding flora, with a peel-and-stick design for easy application, $99.

Wizarding World Phoenix Table Lamp

How gorgeous is this Phoenix Table Lamp? It’s rendered in gilded metal with a linen shade, perfect to settle into a comfortable chair and read while drinking tea, $249.