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For those following the evolution of seasteading with detached interest, a six-figure donation to the effort might be enough to make the following sink in: floating cities are not just fantasies, but real-world possibilities.

Peter Thiel  is famous for founding PayPal and investing early in Facebook, but may become known next as the godfather of an oceanic Utopian movement. The catch, of course: even if they are constructed, not everyone can afford to leave their mainland homes to live on such expensive-to-build aquatic libertarian paradises.

There are, in fact, many marvelous precedents for what he and the Seasteading Institute are attempting, from a scratch-built floating trash island (constructed not once but twice in Mexico by another man on a mission) called Spiral Island to such recycled micronations as Sealand, adapted from an army sea fort. Only time will tell, but Thiel, ever the early adopter, anticipates tens of millions of people living on these luxury platforms within the next decade.