Taking something that is old and making it new again, or using familiar materials for a new and unexpected purpose Рthese are the hallmarks of modern, conscious design. Japanese firm 403architecture took the ceiling of a Hamamatsu apartment and turned it into a unique and wholly amazing floor known as the Floor of Atsumi.

The owners of the timeworn apartment wanted to see their home repaired and updated. The architects began by dismantling the bedroom’s wood ceiling.

Leaving the pipes and ducts exposed overhead, the team then brought the wood from the ceiling a long way down. They created this patchwork floor that is at once unrestrained and sophisticated.

Because the cuts of wood are all of slightly different colors and sizes, the floor takes on a kind of patchwork appearance.

The floor was left unfinished after careful and thorough sanding, unlike the finished wood floors in the rest of the home. Walking on the patchwork pieces of wood, the human foot can feel the slight discrepancies in the elevation of each piece.

The unique floor is something of a substitute for traditional tatami mats. Because the floor is more or less a repurposed ceiling, it manages to be both old and new at once, breathing life into the home while maintaining a traditional Japanese aesthetic.