francesco librizzi studio partially floating staircase

It may seem like a small detail in a home, but a striking staircase can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your interior. Francesco Librizzi studio designed this staircase for “Casa P” in Milan, giving the interior a brilliant point of distinction.

staircase origin

The staircase plays out as a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. At the top – the beginning – a geometric framework rises up to form the origin point for the balustrade which continues down to the halfway point of the staircase.

top geometric cage structure

In the center section, the structure appears to be comfortably wedged between the walls, seemingly floating there without support. And the staircase comes to its unexpected conclusion with a separation. The stairs continue after a break between two sections; the extreme bottom of the staircase is not connected to the rest of it in any way.

bottom of staircase

This delicate staircase serves to expand the visual space of the home. Its airy openness means that the corner is not blocked off and darkened; in fact, there is even a usable nook nestled beneath and behind the terminus of the stairs.