Extreme sports enthusiasts are always chasing the next adrenaline rush. Whether it’s skateboarding, base jumping, or mountain biking, the biggest thrill is always the one that lies ahead. For a lot of adventurous sportspeople, capturing the experience on video is an integral part of the fun. It enables them to relive the moment, track their progress, and, of course, marvel at their style and guts. As a result of technological advances, however, it’s no longer enough to have your smartphone on hand to record the cool tricks you can do. Instead, more and more people want their recording equipment to be tailored to their specific sport, which is why Paralenz has created the first camera especially for taking underwater photos while scuba diving. It’s designed by divers, for divers, so they can focus on the thrill of scuba while the camera captures every precious moment.

Any diver will tell you that you’re only as good or as safe as your gear. Equipment is of paramount importance, and having everything in working order is the best way to ensure a hassle-free dive. The same can be said of the Paralenz. Designed to be a part of your scuba gear, the camera is unobtrusive and can be attached to the diver in a number of different ways. You can use it as a handheld device by fastening it to your wrist with a strap, and its form has been modeled to resemble a flashlight for a feel that’s instantly familiar. It can also be attached to your eye mask, meaning you get a bird’s-eye recording of your dive.

As if those options weren’t enough, the Paralenz also comes with a universal mount so that it can be attached to a camera stick for wide angle, third-person, and distance shots. Mounting the camera only requires a single click, meaning you can do it while diving and wearing neoprene gloves. You’ll never have to worry about gloves interfering with the camera’s functionality, either, as it has been equipped with magnetic buttons that give off vibration feedback and guarantee that it’s always on the right setting. The camera can take photographs and record, and each command is activated with the push of one of these buttons. Press once to take a photo and hold to record — switching between settings is as easy as that.

The Paralenz has also tackled the nuts and bolts of underwater photography. Whereas photos taken by most normal cameras can come out over-saturated with blues or greens due to the depth’s effect on color absorption, the Paralenz boasts a built-in pressure detector that tells it when to automatically adjust the white balance, ensuring the colors it captures are true-to-life. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you bring a flashlight if you’re planning on recording dives deeper than 20 meters.

The camera can also be paired with an accompanying smartphone app, which logs all of the dive information it receives from the camera, meaning you’ll know at exactly what depth certain shots or videos were taken. Paralenz also has a durable, waterproof case and a 24-hour battery life, which lasts even in cold water. Check out these videos for proof of this camera’s superb functionality, as taken by real divers.