A portable laptop desk sounds like a nice thing to have while traveling, but it’s ultimately impractical to take along. Ergonomically, it’s a lot better for your body than trying to balance your laptop on your lap while working from a hotel bed or a seat in the airport terminal. But when you’re already toting luggage or a briefcase, it’s just one more bulky thing to worry about. The iSwift M aims to change that with an incredibly thin and lightweight design that stores so flat, you’ll practically forget it’s there.

The iSwift M is an improvement upon its creators’ earlier product, the iSwift Pi. Both are designed for digital nomads who prefer to work in less than conventional locations — like a lounge chair on the beach. The original weighs 2.5 pounds, is made of a sturdy plastic material, and can be used in a variety of positions. It was a big hit, with nearly $1 million in sales since it debuted in 2021. The designers gathered feedback and have since made some alterations to their design, resulting in the release of the iSwift M. The new version weighs just over a pound, is a mere six millimeters thick, transforms in one second, and comes in additional sizes.

While most portable laptop desks have folding legs, the iSwift has a unique origami-like shape with built-in legs shaped like triangles. It can be used flat as a pad under your computer, with both legs up as a conventional laptop desk, or turned upside-down with a single leg extended for use as a tablet stand. Magnets hidden within the material hold the legs in position as you work. With the Pi, you unfold the legs one at a time. The M makes that process even faster. The legs are connected in the center, so the whole desk pops up into place with a simple flick of your wrist.

When folded, the iSwift M laptop desk is so thin, it easily slots into your laptop bag alongside your computer. The weight and amount of space it takes up is so minimal, you might as well take it everywhere you go. The designers even go so far as to claim that you could slide it under your pillow, sleep on it, and still not notice. Despite all that, it’s able to hold over 11 pounds (5 kg), well over the weight of most people’s computer, phone, and coffee combined.

The designers explain: “Inspired by the Copenhagen trend, we’ve selected wool felt as the material. The material is also eco-friendly and non-toxic. And with unique high-temperature pressing technology, the iSwift M becomes a piece of art. iSwift M’s material, design, and structure make it a must-have for your working life. The slim profile makes it look like a second skin for your office devices.”

This portable workstation comes in three sizes: Mini (about the size of a sheet of paper), Standard (9.4 inches by 17.3 inches), and Max (9.6 inches by 21 inches). You can also choose from gray, black, bright green, and “Barbie pink” colors. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the campaign is offering backers early bird discounts up to 40 percent off retail prices. Grab the Mini for $35, the Standard for $69, or the Max for $79.