HouseAA by Moca Architects in Nara City, Kansai, Japan looks like something you would find in a cartoon. With its tiny base and oversized, overhanging roof, the home is playful with its proportions.

overhanging oversized roof houseaa

upper story glazing and roof cutouts

The oversized roof is actually a privacy measure; it covers approximately 60 percent of the facade to give the residents a feeling of security. Views from both the inside and outside are determined by the placement of the large roof. Strategic openings in the roof allow for views through large sections of glazing on the home’s second story.

downstairs entryway

bedroom window slats

On the first story, two bedrooms and a bathroom occupy the space. Wooden slats cover the windows on this level to further enhance the sense of privacy for the residents. A small wooden staircase leads up from the cozy entryway to the second story.

second story living dining space

houseaa with huge overhanging roof

Here the space really opens up and the full effect of the steeply pitched roof can be seen. This tall space houses the living and dining areas and extends out to a pair of outdoor terraces sheltered from the elements by the oversized roof.