dramatic london spiral staircase

This breathtaking spiral staircase is a bespoke piece commissioned from Elite Metalcraft for a home in London. The dramatic staircase perfectly offsets the simple white walls and complements the dramatic stained glass windows set into the wall.

beautiful large spiral staircase london

custom spiral staircase London home

The utter grandeur of the staircase is balanced by its rather minimalist surroundings. Aside from the marvelous stained glass windows, the only adornments to the walls around the staircase are a few strategically-placed light fixtures.

spiral staircase in london home

elite metalcraft bespoke spiral staircase

It is easy to see the careful labor that went into the manufacture of this unique staircase. The balustrade, running from the first to second floor, is made of laser cut steel and treated with a patination process to make it appear as though it had existed in the home for many, many years.

spiral staircase stained glass windows london

staircase in minimal surroundings

There are few home additions that are as dramatic and visually striking as a well-constructed spiral staircase. Elite Metalcraft struck the perfect balance between minimalism and drama, making this London home a truly unique masterpiece.