underground home

Cavernous but wide open, dark and heavy but bright and spacious, this incredible underound house is the ultimate expression of architectural opposites fused into a single spectacular earthen living structure buried in the mountainous ground of the Swiss Alps.

underground home a

Rather than wrapping outward around the home, the exterior facade circles inward and faces an oval forecourt – a curved impression in the ground like the absent space left behind by a mysterious giant egg.

underground home b

From within, this odd opening frames amazing views of the surrounding green hills and distant white mountains as well as providing a sense of enclosure and security for residents within the home and front courtyard area – a one-sided yet stunning view as opposed to the normal full-surround sights normally expected of a mountain home.

underground home c

Constructed of stone and concrete, the house feels solid and safe inside and out – yet manages to have copious openings to allow natural light to flow effortlessly into every interior space.

underground home interior

Wood accents bring in further natural elements but also provide colorful textured highlights against the more neutral gray of the core structure.

underground home f

Despite its highly unconventional and contemporary form, there is much that is comfortable and traditional in this home as well – again embodying a strange set of opposites, featuring both phenomenally forward-thinking design strategies and traditional construction and decoration techniques.