Once upon a time, checking the weather meant walking outside or at least looking out of the window. Today, we just pick up our phones and check a weather app. Inventor Ken Kawamoto came up with a far more romantic way to keep track of what’s happening outside: lovely boxes that bring the weather right into your home.

indoor weather recreator

tabletop weather display

The idea for the Tempescope was born from Kawamoto’s desire to always have the sunshine and occasional tropical storms of the Okinawa Islands with him wherever he went. Instead, he did the next best thing: he invented a device that could create recreate weather conditions in a small, enclosed space.

tempescope indoor weather indicator

The first prototype was made from shampoo bottles and quickly gained attention from the maker community. Kawamoto made the Open Source plans available to anyone who wanted to recreate their very own indoor weather machine.




Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with the ability to tinker effectively, but Ken has us covered. He developed a tabletop-size Tempescope that comes mostly pre-assembled (you have to work for it a little) and can recreate fog, rain, sunshine, and even lightning. (Snow is a possible addition for the future.)

weather indicator tempescope

The Tempescope pulls the local weather conditions from your Bluetooth-synced Android or iOS device so you can just lift your head up from the couch to look at it instead of peeking out the window. But if you’re pining for another locale, there’s a setting that lets you display the weather from anywhere in the world at that moment. You can even switch it to manual mode so you can hand-pick your ideal weather for once. The mostly-assembled developer’s kit of the Tempescope is available for an Indiegogo pledge of $199.