House in Buzen indoor streets

The way in which children always seem to find the most fun in any living space was the inspiration behind this house in Buzen, Japan. It incorporates an interior courtyard and a collection of disconnected structures to bring to life the feeling of a child at play.

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House in Buzen
House in Buzen dining area

Created by Suppose Design Office, the house in Buzen brings the excitement of exterior streets and alleys into the home itself – but without the danger, dirt and strangers.

House in Buzen kitchen
House in Buzen tub

Each passageway in the home feels like its own little street leading to a new adventure. The rooms themselves feel like miniature buildings, each one holding a separate kind of surprise.

House in Buzen play area

In the end, the home feels like a space that is simultaneously public and private. The children of the household have free reign to run, play and explore in the hallway avenues while the adults can enjoy the unique feeling of being at home but able to stare up at the clouds and stars.

“When they are young, places like a narrow path between houses, the edge of a garden, the back of a shed, under the floor, or an open lot are the preferred playgrounds of children.Rather than a park or garden that was built to be played in, we wanted to make a house with a courtyard that would become a playground naturally.”

House in Buzen hallway

“Rather than a collection of rooms, we think of this house as a collection of constructions, and we produced a design that seems to be made out of various different structures. Paths covered by a glass roof weave between the disconnected structures to create an interior space that feels exterior, a private space that feels public, a hall that feels like an avenue. In that space the children can run around, you can enjoy a breeze while you eat, read under the sun, and fall asleep watching the stars.”