Having a cup of tea is such a refined way to relax. The standard square tea bags, on the other hand, do not look very refined. A Taiwanese company called Charm Villa has created some exceptionally artistic tea bags what will up the class factor on your after-dinner cup of tea.



The company sells tea bags in the shape of little goldfish. The bodies are filled with leaves and herbs while thin paper forms the fins. Each fish even has a little set of eyes!



Admittedly, the thought and sight of a goldfish in your tea will seem unappealing to some. The image of many dry goldfish bags hanging from a piece of cardboard is a little too reminiscent of a fisherman’s daily haul.




Regardless, these little fish are so cute and artistic that they’ve gained a worldwide fan base even before their commercial release. Charm Villa is working on making the goldfish tea bags available all around the world. Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with drinking our tea from non-animal-shaped bags.