shelving wall mount

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Hang one part and you are already mostly done assembling your brand new set of wall shelves – everything else hangs on that first essential piece.

shelving detail

shelves sans stuff

Inspired by suspension bridges, these Bridge Shelves by Outofstock (and made by Bolia) consist of a thin wooden cylinder that is attached to the wall, bent steel rods and the solid-oak shelves that hang from them.

shelves flat pack

The bits and pieces have multiple advantages, starting with the fact that they can pack flat for easier and cheaper shipping. They also require relatively few fasteners – bends and gravity do most of the work when it comes to connecting the system.

shelves default array

shelves plus stuff

Hanging at different heights, the three shelves can also be slide along the top rail to make room for taller items as needed, creating a degree of flexibility for decorative and functional use. Apropos the designer’s company name, their website is unfortunately currently down at the time of this writing – perhaps they are indeed out of stock.