These lighting fixtures put the ‘consume’ in ‘consumerism’ – large enough to eat you alive. If you had any doubt that light plays a central role in your life, you will cease to wonder after seeing (and perhaps sitting inside) of your very own surround-lit enclosure.

This idea behind ‘Drop Series’ by designer Olivia Decaris is to take household activities that already revolve around light and relative isolation – dining, working, sleeping and so forth – and placing them within enclosed and individually-illuminated pods. They are an indoor space-within-a-space method of exerting control on an even more immediate and local level. The system also functions by default as a more conventional-looking decorative chandelier when not pulled down and around.

These collapsible capsules can cover tables, desks, beds or other zones to provide privacy, security and comfort in subdivided spaces within larger rooms or open-layout dwellings. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Decaris studied product design but has also explored various deformations of standard objects and everyday fixtures we take for granted in contemporary styles and rigid forms.