Some of today’s best industrial, product, furniture, and interior designs were on display at last month’s IMM Cologne design festival, getting 2019 off to a flying start in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up some of the event’s most eye-catching pieces:

The Grab Watering Can — Northern

This slick watering can was designed by the Norwegian studio Northern, who enlisted the help of designer Stine Aas to reimagine this everyday object as part of their newly-launched homeware collection. “Grab” is more cylindrical in shape than a typical can, and its spout has been fashioned into a completely separate piece that attaches at the base as opposed to extending out from the lower part of the can itself. Since Grab has been designed to be so tall and slender, it can easily be picked up and used without a handle. Its coloring has been kept decidedly muted, with yellow, purple, and green options available to the general public.

Light Now, Vol. 1 — Pulpo

German lighting manufacturer Pulpo showcased a new lighting collection at this year’s IMM Cologne, including a striking feature lamp entitled “Magma.” The lamp consists of two parts: a heavy bottom block and an oval-shaped lighting fixture. The base is crafted from ceramic covered in lava, while the fixture itself is made from hand blown-glass sprayed with a metallic matte finish. The contrast between the heaviness and geometry of the base and the lightness and general abstraction of the lamp makes for a one-of-a-kind domestic light fitting.

Blush Pendant Lamp — Morten & Jonas

This hanging pendant lamp was designed by Morten Skjærpe Knarrum and Jonas Norheim from Norway’s own Morten & Jonas. It has a very autumnal feel, having been finished in a comforting terracotta brown. On top of that, its silhouette is refined, with a long thin neck leading down to a semi-circular sphere for the shade.

Souvenir Drawers — Schönbuch

Designed by Sebastian Herkner for German brand Schönbuch, these drawers are unequivocally inspired by 1950s office furniture and trolleys, as defined by their crisp, clean lines and sophisticated air. They’re made from lacquered MDF and use miter joints to achieve their razor-sharp aesthetic. The drawers are also available in a range of subtle colors, from dusty blue and emerald green to pale pink.

Nocturnal Beasts — Yohay Alush

Depending on how you interact with it, this amazing contraption can function as a fireplace or a full-blown music speaker. Made out of metal and concrete, the multipurpose “Nocturnal Beasts” unit even acts as a heated bench for users to sit on once they fill the metal “fireplace” with kindling. When its unique “Pedal” function is engaged, the unit becomes an out-of-this-world lighting fixture. Set up in the right house, it seems like it could provide a fun feature for the whole family.