origami sofa

Pull-out sofas are typically large, clunky things – not at all like Austrian-born designer Yumi Yoshida‘s origami-inspired transforming sofa.

origami sofa 1

origami sofa 2

The Origami Sofa is made of upholstery panels sandwiched between two layers of fabric – one a bright orange and the other a neutral grey. The color scheme is reminiscent of actual origami paper, which is similarly colored to aid in the folding of intricate shapes.

origami sofa 3

origami sofa 4

The panels fold just like an origami structure to create the form of a sofa that is strong enough to sit on. As the panels are moved strategically, the structure changes in form and function.

origami sofa 5

origami sofa 6

When all of the panels are unfolded and lying flat, the sofa becomes a sturdy rug. While it may not be as useful for overnight guests as a conventional pull-out sofa bed, the Origami Sofa looks to be comfortable enough to nap on – and lovely enough to take center stage in your home.