origami facet bags

Plenty of women have struggled with the problem of having a closet full of purses and not enough space for all of them. Designer Yingxi Zhou has come up with a lovely solution to that vexing problem: a line of clutches and handbags that fold up origami-style for storage.

red handbag

blue handbag

The Facet line consists of five different shapes and sizes of bags. Each is of a different size and shape to fit nearly any stuff-toting need. When they aren’t in use, they each fold in unique ways to greatly reduce their size.

black handbag

green clutch

Made of maple veneers, the bags are convenient to ship and store when flat. When they are opened, they become stylish, angular containers.

orange bag

Although no purchase information is available on the designer’s website, these fashion accessories would be sure to do well with anyone who has limited storage space but an unquenchable desire for handbags.

via: designboom