Dutch designer Renate Nederpel‘s Pop-Up Linen wardrobe is reminiscent of a large piece of functional origami. Made of cotton fabric and wooden panels, the wardrobe is stable enough to use as intended on a daily basis, but simple and lightweight to move when the need arises. It simply folds flat for travel.

The lightweight wooden panels covered in cotton are designed to produce an object that is visually as well as physically lightweight. Its soft, rounded pieces look almost childish, but its contemporary design provides a mature balance.

Four pine wood legs come up through holes in the bottom of the wardrobe, cross on the inside, and poke out through the top. Smaller sticks support the bottom of the wardrobe and another rests inside at the top crossing of the legs, forming a pole on which to hang garments. This arrangement keeps every piece securely in place.

The exterior box shape has extra pieces sewn in at the corners to help it lie completely flat when it is folded. According to the designer, the goal of the project was to create a wardrobe that can be both produced and transported easily. Remember this idea the next time you find yourself schlepping your solid-oak wardrobe during your next move.

“Pop-Up Linen, a wardrobe made out of cotton fabric and wooden panels. The origami-esque construction method makes it able to fold the body completely flat when its wooden poles are removed. The soft foldable Pop-up Linen cabinet rest on high wooden legs. This legs cross through the fabric body structure and hold it in place.”

About the designer

” Renate Nederpel is product designer, specialized in folding structures and textile products. Her studio is based in Kerkdriel, The Netherlands. She has completed a Bachelor of Design in Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. In recent years she has worked on several projects, from furniture to fashion accessory. Her work is characterized by the combined use of textile materials with the technique of folding. The work of Renate is to mention minimalistic with a strong persenal character.”