Aside from putting together those IKEA bookcases, when was the last time you were involved in the making of your home’s furnishings? The Playtime Collection from Zhang & Thonsgaard is a creative system which lets you make a small stool or side table that are reminiscent of the art of origami.

The pieces start out flat-packed and include integrated magnets and clips. You clip each piece together and twist or fold it into place, creating some very unique patterns and shapes before the final piece of furniture emerges.

“Using wood, laminate and bright blue and orange [colors], the self-[assembly] pieces evoke the visual imagery of classic childhood toys,” the designers say. “When unfolded, it is flat, lightweight and easy to transport.” 

The design duo also created some sets which are meant to be mounted on walls and one which is meant to be used as a rug. The designs of all of the Playtime Collection pieces reflect the designers’ respective heritages, featuring traditional Chinese and Scandinavian designs.

Via Archello:

The idea behind the collection was to create a playful, easy-to-assemble interior and to make the process of assembling/putting together the pieces (folding, joining) an interesting and fun part of the design. It consists of following interior items: a floor design, a chair and a table design. You assemble the furniture by folding them, like origami and they are held together by small clips and magnets.”

The floor boards can be ‘clicked’ together and create an entire floor and you can mix the pattern as you wish. The collection is inspired by asian (chinese) paper folding and scandinavian knitting patterns – ‘fusing’ two different, stilistic traditions and expressions. One of the main themes of the collection is ‘fabric’ – how to give solid, interior pieces a light and playful character, through the use of texture and pattern and a ‘fluid’ assembling method.”