When you first see this rug, your initial reaction might be to pick it up and shake it out so that it sits flat on the floor. But, although the rug looks like a folded or rumpled piece of fabric, it’s actually just a clever optical illusion.

The Folded Tones rug from designer Enoch Liew is a fun floor covering that adds a whimsical touch to the room. Resembling a folded piece of paper, the optical illusion is created using just three different colors and some creative shapes.

When you get close enough to the rug, it becomes obvious that it is simply a flat rug. The interesting lines and outline of the rug provide a fun place to sit or lie down, even when the initial illusion is gone.

The designer won the gold prize for his unique design in the 2013 South Australian Design awards. His creation is available through Terrace Floors & Furnishings.