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The amazing art installation above might be a bit more than most of us want to bite off when working on an offbeat home improvement project, but it certainly shows what is possible reusing ‘materials’ you have right in your own home: books. Creative bookcases can be great, but they are not the only shelving solution.


Some of us are more particular about the appearance of our interiors than others – perhaps to a fault. Sick of seeing your books sloppily organized by type, or, worse yet, having them randomly disorganized across a series of bookcases? Sorting your favorite volumes by color may just satisfy that too-organized part of yourself.
Of course, sacrifices sometimes have to be made in this process. For some, this means leaving out favorite books or adding in ones from long-dust-covered boxes out of the basement. For others this means sacrificing a very accessible and well-organized lending library of favorites for friends.
One solution is to limit the scope of your projects: you can start with only the books you do (or don’t) regularly read, the leftovers you never found a place for and so on. Also, you can have one prominent display shelf that follows a color-coded pattern while your subsidiary shelves in other spaces remain functionally sequential by type and/or title.
(Images via: Santos, Yvestown, AJKandy, KinkyInk and Tizzle.)