ThreadStax organized closet“Neat freak” is such a negative term. For those of us who like things lined up and organized, it really just makes life so much simpler. Everything is where it should be, so you can think about other stuff. That was also the idea behind ThreadStax, a system that helps you magnetically organize your clothes in your closet – especially if you are dealing with a tiny apartment or lack of ample storage space.

ThreadStax organizes clothes with magnets

Launched as a Kickstarter in late October 2015 by Scott Kosmach, the system keeps your folded threads neat and organized in the most space-saving and efficient way, maximizing the space you do have available. You pull out a shirt, and your perfectly aligned stack stays completely intact, on a shelf or inside an armoire or drawer. That’s because the ThreadStax uses magnets to stabilize your tower of shirts, sweaters or jeans, and prevents it from collapsing, and your clothes from getting wrinkled. As far as saving space, it increases stacking height fourfold. The slides in between your garments also have air vents and are antimicrobial.

Organize your kids' week worth of clothes with the ThreadStax system

To get this started at home, you need to purchase slides, brackets and a folder. The whole thing is also available as a bundle for pre-order. Whether gimmicky gadget or super practical home organizer, only a closet test drive will tell.

ThreadStax saves space