Organic Apartment Mumbai 1

Cavernous, curving interiors filled with built-in niches and furniture are more often associated with houses sculpted from cob and other natural building materials than with apartments in suburbia. But design firm The White Room has managed to recreate that sculptural, organic feel in a Mumbai-area apartment with lots of amorphous surfaces.

Organic Apartment Mumbai 2

Organic Apartment Mumbai 4

The result is a bright, airy interior that’s almost entirely white with a few pops of color in the form of wood furniture, a stunning natural dining surface built into the wall and custom tile in a pale blue-green. The ceiling is high and rounded, and nearly all of the doorways are arched.

Organic Apartment Mumbai 3

It’s a fusion of traditional earth-based building aesthetics and modern design, all within a suburban setting. The curves extend all the way to the closets and a creatively tiled bathroom reminiscent of the inside of a sea shell.