A house is never a home until you put your own personality into the rooms – and Dennis Maher’s home is so full of personality that the walls can barely contain it. Maher – an artist, architect and educator – has turned his home in Buffalo into a living, growing work of art.

When Maher purchased an abandoned property on Fargo Street in 2009, he knew that some renovation work would need to be done. Using items that he found inside the home, he began building objects into the floors, ceilings and walls. Distinct structures began to emerge, and each room eventually developed its own unique feel.

There is the Bridge Room and a Wardrobe Room, the Entertainment Core and the Room for the Image and Reflected Image. The objects in ┬áthe rooms are collected from building demolition sites, from the garbage, from friends and well-wishers – and often they are deposited directly on Maher’s front porch by neighbors who know that he is doing something quite spectacular inside.

The truly beautiful part of the Fargo House is that it will never truly be finished. Maher places each new item where he feels it would be most appropriate, and his collection continues to grow month by month, year after year. The rooms’ interiors are constantly changing, being renovated in an entirely inimitable way.