spooky scary skull chair sit in skull mouth

Hong Kong design company Chic Sin Design, the makers of the realistic grizzly bear bean bag chair and adorable gnawed log pillow, have made yet another product we never knew we needed until now.

skull chair


The Skull Chair is just what it sounds like: a gigantic skull that you can sit on. Or in, rather. The jaw is hinged at the very back so the top of the head flips open to reveal an inviting seat on the lower jaw. Or you can leave it closed and just use it as a very cool, very kooky decoration for your home.

hinged jaw skull chair

Rather than producing an expensive and impossible-to-ship piece of solid furniture, the company opted to make the Skull Chair flatpack. A number of materials are used to achieve this unique design. It consists of a metal frame, a water base, an inflatable exercise ball, and a cover made of knitted, not printed, graphic polyester.

halloween skeleton skull chair

The $420 (US) chair can be put together and taken apart in a matter of minutes. That’ll make things easy on Halloween when want to sit outside in the skull while you pass out candy…or any other day you want to take it with you to freak people out just a little.