Japanese retailer Muji is offering full-size prefabricated homes which address the unique challenges of living in a crowded urban area. The narrowest of their three models is a three-story home that features a central staircase uniting every zone of the interior.



Each level of the home is divided in the center by the staircase. Two related functions, one on each side of the staircase, occupy every level. The hallway wall contains built-in shelves to turn even the hallways into usable space.



The ground floor of the home is dedicated to storage and laundry, the middle to living, cooking, and eating, and the top to a bedroom and workspace. Walls and doors are conspicuously missing from the entire interior other than a sliding translucent door that blocks off the bedroom for privacy.


It is this lack of visual and physical separation, paired with the large amount of natural light from large windows, that makes this rather small home feel spacious and comfortable.


Muji’s first model home was built in Tokyo to show just how lovely prefab city living can be. The company conducted tours of the vertical home to show off the concept to the public. Two other homes are included in Muji’s house lineup.