hidden interior design

Conserving energy, reusing and recycling are all well and good sustainable living strategies, but reducing waste in the first place – particularly when it comes to home construction – is perhaps the most important step in saving on power and materials costs. Powered by rooftop solar energy, this transforming kitchen emerges for meals and then disappears at the push of a button to make way for movement and gathering space.

hidden kitchen concept

hidden kitchen dining room

More than most parts of a home, kitchens are places used only during select times of the day – the rest of the time they simply sit idle and empty awaiting preparation and consumption of breakfast, lunch or dinner. So why not clean the slate and hide the cookware and kitchen furniture when they are not in use? Designers Magda Masalska & Marta Pala imagine doing just that in the not-so-distant future.

hidden living dining room

Designed to rise up from the ground and then disappear below translucent lit-glass panels, the core cooking and dining elements of this kitchen are tucked neatly away under the floor when they are not needed. And as a final futuristic design gesture: a set of miniature garden plots (presumably perfect for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs for cooking) drop down from the green roof area on top of the house on call to provide food for the table.