Eco chair design idea

Talk about cutting back on waste, this may be the ultimate eco chair concept: it actually ‘uses’ no new materials – heck, it does not even need recycled materials to work. How do you make one? Simply cut a hole in an existing wood floor or surface and take a seat!

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Eco floor hole chair

For safety (to avoid splinters) you may want to use just a little bit of extra material, though: perhaps some plastic to line the hole before you drop a leg in. Dubbed the OOoo chair for a reason, this is some seriously minimalist design work from Decker + Yeadon (New York).

Eco floor chair concept holes

OK, so this design might be a bit on the silly side, but it is as much about making a point as it is about a piece of furniture. Buildings are the biggest source of energy waste in the world by far – and our seating elements are no small part of that problem. Whether it be for green reasons or cost-saving purposes, it is worth considering how much time, power and materials is used in these simplest of interior design objects.

eco DIY floor chair

Aluminum, plastic, steel and foam used to manufacture most new chairs for homes and offices rarely comes from a renewable source – objects created from recycled wood, plastic or other materials are few and far between. While all of these are seen as ‘green’ it also takes energy to recycle them. Our floors and surfaces, however, are ready and waiting to be turned into voids into which we can slot our legs … the only question is: even if you can cap it when you are not using it, what will the downstairs neighbors think?

You can easily make your own OOoo Chair if you have a wooden floor and a basement. The OOoo Chair, you see, is accomplished by drilling O-holes in your floor, so if you live in an apartment the OOoo Chair would likely be intrusive to your downstairs neighbor.”