strange modern home design

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As if Los Angeles did not already feel like a movie set, this hillside house by Robert Harvey Oshatz rises up like a giant robot or hovering spacecraft with amazing views – matched only by offbeat modern interior living spaces contained in this strange form. The lofted living room pod is shielded on the sides to eliminate unsightly urban adjacencies while projected residents out into the landscape to make them feel more like participants than passive viewers.

strange modern interior design

At three-dozen feet high, the conceptually central space of the lofted living room feels like it could be floating in the air but, at the same time, is comfortable, enclosed, semi-secluded and surprisingly conventional in its interior furnishings.

strange contemporary interior design

strange super modern house

Other support spaces in the house are more conventionally modern and have varying degrees of privacy, natural light and access to views depending upon their function. An architectural model is one of the view ways to grasp this design in its entirety since so much of it is tucked away from view into the hillside behind the incredible front facade.