Getting a shirt off of a hanger in the morning probably isn’t either pleasant enough or annoying enough to remember it by the end of the day, but making the experience a little easier couldn’t hurt. The SOLO hanger was invented by Howard Tseng and submitted to crowdsourcing manufacturers Quirky.

The one-handed clothes hanger allows users to grip the hanger and slide it easily into or out of clothing. As seen in the video above, the unique design makes for a quick way to grab a shirt. You can even do it one-handed, a boon for those mornings that you can’t muster the energy to use both hands at once.

Maybe even more importantly, the SOLO hanger gives a much easier-than-normal way to hang a shirt up. Rather than struggling to wrestle the hanger in through the top of the shirt or finagle it in through the bottom. You very simply slip the SOLO in through the neck and squeeze the top hooks together.