The tradition of buying a “forever home” to live in for the rest of your life seems to be dying fast. Most of us are now more nomadic than ever before, whether that means we move from one home to another within the same town or cross continents multiple times in a single decade.

"Julia," the new modular furniture system from Momocca, set up in living room.

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In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon to fill a home with huge, heavy furniture that remained in place until the owners passed away, but new times require new ways of thinking about the way we choose and organize our belongings. Even if you do intend to stay in your home forever, life happens, and tastes inevitably change. For those reasons, the furniture we buy should always be both stylish and easy to rearrange, dismantle, and move.

"Julia," the new modular furniture system from Momocca, being used as a workstation. "Julia," the new modular furniture system from Momocca, set up in living room.

Adaptability might just be the single most important characteristic of modern furniture, and systems that do it well can pay for themselves many times over. The Julia Collection by Momocca is a prime example of beautiful, fully configurable furniture that makes the process of freshening up a room or transferring your life to a whole new space as effortless as stacking LEGOs. The Valencia, Spain-based brand debuted the system at this year’s Feria Hábitat Valencia furniture and lighting fair, embodying the exact opposite of stuffy with its airy open design and versatile palette of colors and materials.

GIF demonstrating how the Julia modular furniture system works.

“Julia” consists of modular elements that fit together in virtually unlimited ways, yet it’s minimalist, streamlined, and much more adult than the average configurable shelf set. A framework of nickel-plated steel supports either oak veneer or natural walnut shelves, as well as sliding panels covered in a range of upholstery fabrics. Once assembled, the system can stretch up to the ceiling or low across the floor, closed in some areas to hide clutter and wide open in others to accommodate couches, chairs, televisions, or works of art.

"Julia," the new modular furniture system from Momocca, set up in living room.

The shelves are available in a variety of widths, from small squares to ultra-long platforms that fit the scale of larger rooms. The freestanding system doesn’t even have to be attached to the wall (though it can be mounted if you like), giving it total freedom of movement and the ability to double as a room divider. Move it around, expand it, or contract it. Use it to build desks, coffee tables, media stands, nightstands, corner systems, or sculptural creations of your own design. Since it’s so modular, you can assemble it to perfectly frame windows and doorways for a custom result. Momocca describes the collection as a “big open canvas” just waiting for your creative touch.

"Julia," the new modular furniture system from Momocca, being used as an entertainment center.

Moving to a new home with an entirely different layout? Expecting a baby? Just sick of looking at your living room and craving something new? Adaptable systems like the Julia Collection allow you to rearrange and redecorate to your heart’s desire without requiring you to purchase all new furniture, and it all packs up flat for easy moving. That’s great news for wanderers, apartment dwellers, the aesthetically indecisive, and most importantly, the planet. Just imagine how much less furniture you would buy (and discard) over the course of your life if you had this kind of customization at your fingertips?