Bjarne Mastenbroek converted farmhouse

What usually happens to unused old buildings They often fall into disrepair, creating a visual and environmental waste. Unless, of course, someone comes along to convert old structures into something new and wonderful.

Bjarne Mastenbroek converted farmhouse 2

That’s exactly what Bjarne Mastenbroek and his Amsterdam-based architecture firm SeARCH have done with this old farmhouse and its outbuildings in Zutphen, Netherlands. Though the original livestock barn, the central part of this T-shaped farmhouse, was torn down and replaced with a new building, some of the old buildings stayed put while new construction was simply added on to connect them.

Bjarne Mastenbroek converted farmhouse 3

The open design of the new construction, along with the airy conservatory that separates the two wings of the house, hearkens back to the agricultural beginnings of this unique dwelling. With exposed timbers, high ceilings and an unusual stretched and distorted exterior shape, the home both blends into and stands out from its farmland surroundings.

Bjarne Mastenbroek converted farmhouse 4

There’s something decidedly unique about this lovely home, but unless you were told of its humble beginnings, it would be difficult to tell that the house had once been a barn and some sheds. This beautiful home is a perfect example of how to take an old, unused structure and give it new life. SeARCH, while being best known for its modern architectural designs, has created a truly impressive rural dwelling without consuming any new land in the process.