Sanno Mansion, a cutting-edge (for the time) rental apartment building, was built in Fukuoka, Japan in 1965. Between then and the early 2000s, the building fell into disuse and disrepair. Although the building was outdated and a bit dark, it had a good atmosphere and personality.




Nano Architects remodeled Room 407 by combining the existing apartment with additional units to create a much larger apartment home. They looked at it as though they were resuscitating the space while keeping its history and personality intact. The considered the old, outdated interior a “malignant tumor” that they removed and replaced with something healthier and lovelier.




A tall piece of driftwood is the defining feature of the main living area, jutting out of a wooden bench that travels from this room and into the next along the bank of windows. Beneath the bench, built-in storage is tucked out of the way. A central wall features cutouts that serve as storage and focal points as well as a method of allowing light to transfer between the spaces.