Baby furniture typically comes in two options: bare and utilitarian or over-the-top garish. Parisian furniture company Charlie Crane combines functionality with style in a pair of baby furniture pieces. The furniture draws inspiration from modern minimalist Scandinavian design and uses organic materials.

The LEVO baby rocker is for young ones who can’t yet sit up on their own. The bent beechwood frame features curvy legs that help to rock baby to sleep without the need for an ugly electric-powered swing. The soft seat is made from 100% cotton that comes in four colors to match the rest of your decor.

The NOGA changing table is an incredibly functional object that frees up tons of floor space in baby’s room. It works as both a changing table and a small storage space. When it’s closed it looks like a modern curved cabinet, but open up the front and a small diaper-changing surface drops down.

NOGA is suitable for babies up to 40 pounds, so it should be useful for quite a while. Also made of bent beechwood, NOGA comes in blue or white and the company sells a matching changing mat. All of Charlie Crane’s furniture is made in France and can be purchased in more than 10 European countries for €189 (LEVO) and €420 (NOGA).