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We could all use a nap at work every now and then – some of us more often than others. You might think that there is nothing new to be created in the area of napping, but CalmSpace takes power naps to a fantastically luxurious place. The napping chamber was designed by Marie-Virginie Berbet in cooperation with furniture makers Haworth.

The CalmSpace is a small self-contained pod that is meant to be placed in an office where workers need a little mid-day energy boost. The chamber contains a comfy upholstered mattress, lights and speakers. The napper just selects the desired nap time – from 10 to 20 minutes – and the CalmSpace plays lights and music to lull him or her to sleep.

When the nap is over, the pod again plays a pre-set light and music program. This time, it’s an invigorating set of lights and sounds that will gently wake the sleeper. After this short rest period, the napper’s mind is clear and the afternoon slump is all but eliminated. Sleeping in this soft, private, comfortable space is infinitely more comfortable than falling asleep with your face on a stack of papers and waking up with the quarterly sales numbers imprinted on your cheek…not that we’ve ever done that.

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“It is a fact that today’s office workers are suffering from a decline in both the amount and quality of sleep that they get each night. This trend is in part due to the ever increasing stress of our modern lifestyle – one that is always connected and always on the go. It is also a simple biological fact: our energy levels naturally dip between 11am and 4pm, resulting in a loss of concentration and focus. Scientific studies have shown that overall fatigue can be countered with a short rest period during the course of the day. Short-term sleep cycles or naps have been shown to offer immediate health benefits including improved concentration, while significantly improving overall quality of sleep over a longer period of time.”

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“Stemming from the growing challenges global companies face to retain talent, promote well-being, and enhance productivity, Haworth embarked on a collaboration with designer Marie-Virginie Berbet to develop CalmSpace – a rejuvenating nap capsule for the workplace. The stand alone, ‘plug and play’  power nap capsule was designed to induce a short rest period to help rejuvenate employees and combat fatigue in the office. Individuals can choose from a 10, 15, or 20 minute rest period. A combination of light and sound technology encourages the body to relax and drop off to sleep; later it changes in concert to gently wake the body up. CalmSpace’s soothing environment enables comfortable, light sleep, but subtle design characteristics limit the risk of deep slumber.”