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A close second-best to the corner office, how about a side-wall one instead? These Boxetti units are full of surprises – in this case, a flip-out white desk or orange read-and-work nook are supplemented by integrated drawers, enclosed cabinets, slide-out shelving systems and other open-and-closed storage features.

Feeling like a bit of fresh air and open space? Slide the desk section out at a right angle and sit parallel to the unit on either side, depending on your home office layout. Plan to catch a snooze while you work? No worries – slide into a the form-fitting niche and read a book.

When you are finished, each shelf can be slid back in, the cabinets flipped shut and the extra desk folded away so that each piece of furniture packs back into position and sits within the unit, nearly flat against the wall. This would work as well in a bedroom or living room space as anywhere, perfect for people who want to have a home office but simply do not have the interior room to plan out an independent space.