odor stopping shreddies underwear

There is no way around this simple truth: everybody gets gas from time to time. For some, though, it is a larger problem stemming from irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or food intolerance. It can be incredibly embarrassing and even limit sufferers from living their lives as they normally would.

odor absorbing underwear

British company Shreddies has developed an odor-absorbing line of underwear that could help people with digestive problems to maintain their dignity. A back panel made of Zorflex Рa material used in chemical warfare suits to stop harmful odors from reaching their wearers Рis responsible for this effect.  Zorflex is carbon-based, and washing renews its odor-absorbing properties.

shreddies odor absorbing underwear

It would be easy to make crude jokes about passing gas and how funny odor-absorbing underwear sounds, but it can be a serious medical condition. Shreddies have the potential to make life easier and more normalized for people with uncontrollable gas. Luckily for the rest of us, they also work for people with the occasional bout of indigestion. Shreddies has yet to come up with a version of the undies that can also mask the sounds of indigestion.